SCROLL En savoir plus

What is SCROLL?

SCROLL is a top of the line number cruncher that uses surveys and forms to get data.

SCROLL for schools strips away the complexity in favour of ease of use: we've left the difficult bits behind the scenes so that school administrators can get on with the job of running the school.

So, whether you're polling parents about packed lunches, or wondering how best to collate this year's admissions SCROLL for schools can help.

What does SCROLL do?

SCROLL picks up where others tools leave off.

  • Create fast fluid surveys for quick results
  • Or extensive data collections for comprehensive demographics
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting get the most from your data
  • Core code delivers seamless throughput from collection to presentation
  • Secure; our provision is ISO27001:2013 certified


SCROLL does what it says on the tin. Collects your data, runs the numbers, delivers results.

It's been created so that all its products conform to the UK Government Digital Service's design principles. Public sector clients get these features straight out of the box. The clean, fresh presentation can also be "white labelled" to incorporate your house style. SCROLL has the features that deliver. PC, tablet or mobile, SCROLL just works.